The Advantages of a Mobile Phone on Contract


Everyone wants an up to date mobile phone, but the prices are not exactly what one can easily afford, at least not without the option of contract mobile phones. With a contract mobile phone, one can get the latest iPhone, HTC, Samsung or Sony Smartphone for a much smaller initial outlay that simply buying it outright. In fact, in many of these contract deals, there is no need for any upfront fee. However, with so many good deals being offered by different phone companies, it might get hard to choose a good, one. With this guide, it gets easier choosing a suitable contract mobile phone.


The first thing one must understand is what exactly a contract mobile phone is. It simply means paying a single monthly fee for a long period of time. Many monthly contracts are fixed, set either at 12 or 24 month periods. The service providers will always provide their customers with a monthly data and call allowance, texts and a handset. When one chooses a contract, all they have to do is choose a package of data, texts and minutes that will suit their lifestyle, and pay a fixed price for them every other month. One does not have to worry about always having to top up their account to make calls, text or use data. Even if one runs out of the allocated texts, minutes and data, they can still be allowed to continue using their phone, and the usage will be billed at the end of the month.

Choosing a contract phone has several advantages. The biggest is the fact that one gets a free handset. Handsets are available with almost every mobile phone, and there is always a large variety of Smartphone to choose from. However, those who want the very latest phones must keep in mind that they might be required to pay a one off fee at the beginning of the contract. Sometimes there must be a small price to pay for owning the latest mobile phones.

Another major advantage of the contract way is the cost. Many monthly deals are far much more competitive than the pay as you go deals in the market. Customers should however remember that they will still be charged for the calls they make over and above those allocated in their plan. However, for most people at least, their allocated resources will be enough and convenient.


Another added advantage are the gifts that mobile phone service providers give with their monthly contract deals. One is eligible for such prizes as free headsets and gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox. The physical gifts are however becoming less common, and are being replaced by vouchers and cash back. Some carriers will also have reward schemes or value adding benefits and customers should look out for them when purchasing. Vodafone and EE have been known to do this.

Over the course of the contract, though, one will in the end pay a little more than they would had they bought the phone outright. There is also a credit check before the contract is awarded.